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Distance learning

distance elearning   

Some learners prefer to learn individually with little or no guidance during a course. Distance learning is a very effective solution, as it allows participants to plan their time and gives the opportunity to international professionals to obtain a certificate from any place in the world.


Distance learning can be achieve with the following two methods:

1. Traditional distance learning: In this case the trainer sends the relevant forms to be completed by the participant and the full course material. Upon agreement for convienient time, the assessment will be send by the trainer and submitted by the trainee within the exam time limit.


2. E-learning: Full course material is uploaded in LiberoAssurance E-learning Platform, and can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere with an internet connection. This method relieves the student from all the documentaiton required in the traditional method.


For more information please have a look to our demo course.


How to apply?


1. Traditional distance learning:

Contact us by email, phone, or fill in the application form below and let us know:

  • The course(s) you are interested in
  • If you need any tailor made training with special focus specific subject(s)
  • Your full details (name, address, company)


2. E-learning:

Browse the seminars provided in our E-shop, register and purchase the course of your choice.




  • Self-paced study 
  • Set a study time and place of your choice
  • Research without time pressure
  • Certification of equivalent quality as live training


Get Certified by LiberoAssurance Continuous Professional Development Training Centre Level 1 - Accredited by Greek Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs Accreditation No. 2101338



Distant learning prices are twice the ones prices provided in our E-shop.