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1. How can I see a sample LiberoAssurance Certificate?

  • • In the description of each course product, you can see the content of our Certificate under the tab “Sample Certificate”
  • • A generic sample certificate is provided in our Demo Course.

2. Can I receive my digital certificate in hard copy?

  • Before final payment you will be given the option of ordering a hard copy to be sent via courier at your premises with an extra charge of 60€ (30€ for the certificate and 30€ for the shipment. In case of purchasing more than one courses, the charge is 30€ for each certificate but the shipment will be charged once since the certificates will be sent with together. For example for 2 certificates the extra charge is 90€, for 3 certificates 120€, etc.)

3. Is the certificate received approved worldwide?

  • LiberoAssurance is Accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs as a Continuous Professional Development Training Centre Level 1 with ID No. 2101338.Our accreditation is based on the European Qualifications Framework and the recommendation EC 2009/C 155/01 for European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for Vocational Education and Training. Our recognition is officially announced by the Government Gazette B4189/19.11.2019.

4.How often does the certification need to be renewed?

  • The duration of the certificate is mentioned in each course sample certificate available in course description