Course Structure

Most of our courses include presentations, and sometimes additional material for reading and videos. To see what material is included in each course, please visit “Learning and Teaching” tab under each course description.

The general course structure follows the demo course, however the material is in the form of a Presentation embedded inside the platform, with various tool as teaching aids i.e. presentations, terms & definitions, a forum to post your questions. You may also download the presentation in a .pdf form.

The training material can be seen in the course description in our E-shop, under course outline, and is provided for all courses.

The student assessment is in a form of online examination. Usually, the questions are either multiple choice and/or true or false. For details on the exam duration, minimum passing grades etc. please visit “Assessment and Certification” tab under each course description.

Guidance and assistance from the tutors can be provided upon request. Every course has a forum in which participants can post their questions and receive a solution or explanation from the corresponding tutor.

All of our courses are self-paced, so you can attend the course anytime you are available. The number of private hours provided in each course is just to give you an indication of the average number of hours it will take to study the whole material.

From the moment you buy the course you will be enrolled for 3 months, so you can study the material or take the exam whenever you are free, within that period.

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