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What is E Learning

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E learning is also more popularly known as Computer Assisted Instruction or Tutorials, "Computer Based Training" and it is a process of learning that is not executed in the traditional manner one experiences in an educational environment / classroom but in a “cloud” environment.

In simple words you are participating in courses and exams using web environment being which you can access anywhere at any time!

Why to choose LiberoAssurance

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Our training system’s best advantage is the credibility because we are the first that during the exam we have face recognition to determine that the candidate and the person that takes the exam is identical.

Our courses have already evaluated and accepted being part of the deliverables in International Projects addressed to Flags like Albania, Uganda and Major maritime companies (more details available upon request)

How to participate in a Course?


Visit the "List of Seminar" section in our Web. The basic steps are as follows:

  • Read these procedures
  • Check the Price List and choose the seminar you are interested
  • Choose Payment Method – Pay – Receive code for the course or courses you may choose
  • Download the Seminar and material attached where applicable.