Maintenance-Drills-Inspections On Board

This course is designed by LiberoAssurance Training Team for Officers, Designated Persons, Managers, PSC Officers, Surveyors and any kind of personnel involved in shipping who seek to understand what Maintenance, Inspections and Drills are required to be conducted on board vessels.


Develop a sound understanding on the maintenance required to be completed on board each vessel and all mandatory training drills and Inspections.


Aims & Objectives
  • Equips participants with the up-to-date Maintenance and Drills requirements on board ships.
  • Provides a detailed outline of Inspection checklists including Paris & Toyo MoU Concentrated Inspection Campaigns and documentation requirements for all types of vessels


Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this course the student will gain basic knowledge on the following:

  • Equips participants with the up-to-date Maintenance and Drills requirements on board ships.
  • Provides a detailed outline of Inspection checklists including Paris & Toyo MoU Concentrated Inspection Campaigns and documentation requirements for all types of vessels


Who should attend?
  • Technical Managers
  • Operation Managers
  • Designated Persons
  • PSC Surveyors
  • Vessel Inspectors
  • Safety Officers


Prerequisite skills & knowledge: Basic Knowledge for the basics of Solas/Marpol/MLC 2006/STCW


Relative Conventions, Codes and Standards: Solas/Marpol/MLC 2006/STCW


Available in-house/distant learning? Yes


Created by: LiberoAssurance Continuous Professional Development Training Centre Level 1 - Accredited by Univab



PART A: Maintenance of Safety Equipment
  • Marine cargo insurance Terms & Definitions
  • Introduction
  • Procedures
  • Significant Notes
  • Abbreviations
Means of embarkation and disembarkation from ships
  • Emergency escape breathing devices (EEBDs)
  • Testing of emergency lighting
  • Falls used in launching appliances
  • Replacement of first-aid outfit and anti-seasickness medicine of lifeboat equipment
  • Replacement of food rations of lifeboat equipment
  • Maintenance of hydrostatic release units (non- disposable)
  • Immersion suits and anti-exposure suits
  • Maintenance of inflatable liferafts, lifejackets
  • Launching appliances
  • Examination of lifeboats
  • Lifeboats (except free-fall lifeboats)
  • Free-fall lifeboats abandon ship drill
  • Inspection of lifeboat equipment
  • Test run of lifeboat and rescue boat engines
  • Lifeboats with self-contained air-support system
  • Examination of lifeboats with sprinkler system
  • Rescue boat launching and manoeuvring in the water
  • Battery replacement of lifebuoy lights
  • Marine evacuation systems (MES)
  • Testing of public address systems and general alarm system
  • Replacement of rocket parachute flares and rocket line- throwing appliances
  • Replacement of smoke signals
  • Visual inspection of survival craft, rescue boats and launching appliances
Fire protection and fire-fighting equipment
  • Air-recharging system for SCBAs
  • Self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs)
  • Fixed fire- detection and alarm systems
  • Fire dampers
  • Fire doors
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Wheeled (mobile) fire extinguishers
  • Firefighter’s outfits
  • Fire mains, fire pumps, hydrants, hoses and nozzles
  • Galley exhaust ducts
  • Portable foam applicator units
  • Ventilation systems
Firefighting Systems
  • Aerosol fire- extinguishing systems - 5 items
  • Equivalent gas fire-extinguishing systems (e.g. FM 200, NOVEC 1230 or Halon) – 19 Items
  • CO2 fire- extinguishing systems – 26 items
  • Deep fat cooking fire-extinguishing systems – 2 items
  • Dry chemical powder systems – 11 items
  • Foam fire-extinguishing systems – 17 items
  • Water mist, water spray and sprinkler systems - 36 items
Radio and navigational equipment
  • Testing of the automatic identification system (AIS)
  • Checking of radio battery
  • Satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs)
  • Standard magnetic compass
  • Steering gear
  • Voyage data recorder (VDR)
  • Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT)
  • Lightweight survey
  • Low-location lighting systems
  • Medical oxygen


PART B: On board Routine Maintenance Checklist
Statutory Certificates & Validity
Cargo Ship Safety Radio Surveys Findings
Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Surveys Findings
  • Lifesaving Appliances
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Some more Findings
Housekeeping and Fire Safety, Documentation, Manning, Accommodations Findings
  • Manning
  • Documentation
  • Accommodations, Provisions and Working Spaces
MARPOL Surveys Findings
Load Line Surveys Findings
Classification Surveys Findings
  • Hull
  • Machinery
  • Cargo Gear
Guidance for Detentions
  • Introduction
  • Principles
  • Manning & Certification
  • Procedures
  • Main Criteria
  • During Inspection
  • Detainable Deficiencies
  • Solas
  • IBC Code
  • IGC Code
  • Load Line
  • Annex I to MARPOL
  • Annex II to MARPOL
  • Annex III to MARPOL
  • Annex IV to MARPOL
  • Annex V to MARPOL
  • Annex VI to MARPOL
  • STCW
  • MLC 2006 - ILO Conventions
  • AFS Convention
  • Cargo operations stoppage
Guidance – Cases of Consideration
  • Life Boat Guidance
  • GMDSS, AIS, LRIT, SSAS guidance
  • Emergency Fire Pump guidance
  • Oil Water Separator (OWS) guidance
  • Keeping Oil Record Book (ORB) guidance
  • More to check guidance
Survey – Maintenance Checklist sample
  • Certificates & Documentation
  • Personnel Certificates & Documentation
  • Manuals & Documents for all vessels
  • Manuals & Documents for tankers & chemical carriers
  • Manuals & Documents for vessels carrying noxious liquid substances
  • Manuals & Documents for LNG/LPG carriers
  • Manuals & Documents for vessels carrying grain
  • Manuals & Documents for specific types of vessels
  • Nautical publications, International convention documents & Flag Administration publications
  • Radio Installation
  • Lifesaving equipment
  • Navigational equipment
  • Lifesaving appliances
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Safety construction items
  • Marine pollution prevention items
  • Load Line items
  • Classification and other surveys
  • Hull items
  • Machinery items
  • Boilers
  • Electrical items
  • Crew responsibilities, ILO items, working spaces
  • Other items
Proposed PSC checklists
  • Generic PSC checklist
  • For USA use as proposed by Marshall Islands


PART C: On board Training, Drills and Inspections of Fire Appliances & Life Saving Appliances
Required Drills
SOLAS onboard drill requirements
Evaluation of Drills & Fire Evaluation Matrix
  • Evaluation of Drills

  • Fire Drill Evaluation Matrix
Drill Schedule Samples & Initial/Follow up Reporting Form
  • Drill Schedule Samples
  • Initial/Follow up Reporting Form
Guidance for Exercises & Drills
  • General guidance
  • Responsibilities
  • Organization & Recording
  • Recording Sample – Emergency Situations
  • Actions– Propulsion Failure
  • Actions – Steering Gear Failure
  • Actions – Electric Power Failure
  • Actions – Collision
  • Actions – Touching Ground & Running Aground
  • Actions – Structural Damage
  • Actions – Leaks & Flooding
  • Actions Fire – Explosion
  • Actions - Man Overboard
  • Actions-Serious injury, Sickness & illness
  • Action - Emergency Towage
  • Action – Abandon Ship
  • Action – Abandon Ship/Helicopter


PART D: Port State Control Checklists Based on Concentrated Inspection Campaigns of Paris & Tokyo MoUs


  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on Fire Safety Systems Arrangements
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on STCW hours of rest
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on Lifeboat Launching Arrangements
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on Crew familiarization for enclosed Space Εntry
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on Structural Safety and International Convention of Load Lines
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on Propulion & Auxiliary machinery
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on Safety of Νavigation
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on STCW 2010
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on Tankers
  • Concentated Inspection Campaign on MLC,2006
  • Launch of joint concentrated inspection campaign on safety of navigation
  • Launch of joint concentrated inspection campaign on MARPOL Annex VI
  • Launch of joint concentrated inspection campaign on Emergency Systems & Procedures


Teaching Methods
  • Detailed seminar presentations
  • Terms and definitions
  • Supporting Documentation
  • No. of slides: 483


  • Reading list & Resources: Available in the presentations


Study time allocation
  • Private study hours: 56
  • Trainer contact hours: Availability and competence of instructors upon request
  • Enrollment duration: 90 days (from the date of purchase)
  • CPD Points: 56
  • ECTS/ECVET Points: 1.9


Assessment methods


% contribution to final mark

% Minimum passing grade

Exam on Maintenance-Drills-Inspections On Board





On successful completion of the course assessment, participants will be issued with a “Certificate of Success”.



   100% Online course
   CPD Accredited eCertificate – Global acceptance
   Downloadable course material
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   Enrolment: 3 months
   Flexible schedule
   Language: English

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