ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Lead Auditor

ISO 31000 standard has been revised and updated to ISO 31000:2018 Risk management standard which provides the key principles, framework and a process for risk management. Risks appear in any type of company and need to be managed in order to improve their operational efficiency, stability, professional reputation and reduce losses.


This course is designed for those who wish to gain an understanding of ISO 31000:2018 requirements and lead auditing techniques.


Apply the key principles to audit and improve your companies risk processes with our ISO 31000:2018Lead Auditor e-course.


Aims & Objectives
  • Deliver the key requirements and benefits of ISO 31000:2018
  • Outline the steps towards effective risk treatment
  • Provide the application of risk-based thinking, frameworks and process management
  • Present the key auditing techniques to plan, conduct and follow-up risk auditing activities that add real value


Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the key requirements, terms and definitions of ISO 31000:2018 and its structure
  • Learn the importance and benefits of an ISO 31000:2018 RMS
  • Identify opportunities and threats within your organization
  • Apply methods and tools to manage risk related to your management systems.
  • Learn the interactions between risk management principles, framework and process
  • Explain the role of an auditor to plan, conduct, report and follow up a risk audit
  • Establish and plan the activities of an audit team
  • Communicate effectively with the auditee and audit client
  • Organise and direct audit team members
  • Prepare and complete the audit report
  • Use remote auditing methods


Who should attend?
  • Risk Managers
  • Risk professionals
  • Management system professionals
  • ISO Consultants
  • Those involved in the implementation, maintenance and supervision of ISO 31000:2018 risk management processes


Prerequisite skills & knowledge: None required


Available in-house/distant learning? Yes


Created by: LiberoAssurance Continuous Professional Development Training Centre Level 1 – Accredited by Univab
Part A ISO 31000:2018 Requirements
Overview - About Risk Management
  • Why use ISO 31000:2018?
  • ISO 31000:2018 vs ISO 31000:2009
  • ISO 31000:2018 Benefits
  • ISO 31000:2018 Structure
Clauses of the Standard - Clauses 0-4
  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Principles
Clause 5 - Risk Management Framework
  • General
  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Integration
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Improvement
Clause 6 - Risk Management Process
  • General
  • Communication and consultation
  • Scope, context and criteria
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk treatment
  • Monitoring and review
  • Recording and reporting


Part B: ISO 31000:2018 Lead Auditor Techniques


The Audit
  • What is an audit?
  • Why Audit?
  • Audit Types
Audit Steps
  • Audit Plan
  • Developing Checklists
  • Opening Meeting
  • Conducting the Audit
  • Closing Meeting
  • Audit Report
  • Audit Follow-up Activities
Audit Program
  • Establishing the Audit program objectives
  • Identifying and evaluating audit program risks and opportunities
  • Process flow for the management of an audit program
  • Managing an audit program
  • Audit program Implementation
  • Process of collecting and verifying information
  • Monitoring audit program
  • Improving audit
Accreditation & Certification
  • Accreditation & Certification Bodies
  • Certification Process
Auditor’s Performance
  • Auditor’s Quality
  • The Auditors conduct
  • Auditor’s Code Conduct
  • Auditor Characteristics
  • Auditor's personal behavior
  • Auditee’s conduct
  • Selecting the audit team members
  • Skills of audit team leaders
  • How to evaluate an Auditor
  • Maintaining and improving auditor competence
Psychological factors during an audit
  • Attitudes and relationships
  • Obstacles & communication
  • Space & Time issues
  • Body language
  • Cultural factors
  • Principles of Listening
  • Questions & questioning
Audit tips & techniques
  • Tips to trained auditor
  • Question Technique
  • Competence of the audit program manager



Exam & Certification
  • Exam on ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Lead Auditor
  • “ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Lead Auditor” Certificate
Teaching Methods
  • Detailed seminar presentation (available for download)
  • No. of pages: 102


  • Reading lists and resources available in presentations


Study time allocation
  • Private study hours:13
  • Trainer contact hours: Availability and competence of instructors upon request
  • Enrollment duration: 90 days (from the date of purchase)


  • CPD Points:13
  • ECTS/ECVET Points:0.4


Assessment methods


% contribution to final mark

% Minimum passing grade

Exam on ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Lead Auditor





Upon successful completion of the course assessment, participants will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Success’.




With the purchase you get :

   Non conformities - Real Examples
   Audit checklist
   Online examination-3 Attempts
   100% Online course
   CPD Accredited eCertificate – Global acceptance 
   Downloadable course material
  E-learning Mobile App
   Enrolment: 3 months
   Flexible schedule
   Language: English


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