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Asbestos Inspections & Management Plan

Despite the clear and unambiguous prohibition of asbestos containing materials (ACMs), asbestos is still found on various locations on board ships. Due to the hidden nature of asbestos in ships, training of surveyors and inspectors in detecting asbestos and ACMs on board ships is crucial.


This course is designed by LiberoAssurance Training Team to inform about the form and adverse health effects and relevant regulations and provide guidance on how asbestos can be detected. 


Learn about the presence of asbestos onboard and become competent to perform asbestos inspections as required taking the necessary precautions.



Aims & Objectives
  • Advise all involved with asbestos handling for asbestos health consequences on board vessels
  • Outline the key legal requirements related to handling and transport of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)
  • Clarify the Certification requirements regarding Asbestos
  • Provide the information required for the preparation of HazMat Inventory


Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this course you will gain basic knowledge on the following:

  • Key parts of the international regulations and codes related to Asbestos
  • The duties and responsibility of the company and its employees regarding handling of Asbestos.
  • Asbestos Inspection needed for preparation of Asbestos Containing Material Inventory.
  • Documentation and certificates required regarding Asbestos Containing Material (ACMs)


Who should attend?
  • Officers, Designated Persons and crew involved for the preparation and Inventory of HazMat (HMI)
  • Technical & Operation Managers
  • Designated Persons Ashore
  • PSC Surveyors
  • Surveyors,
  • Shipyard managers, supervisors & engineers


Prerequisite skills & knowledge:
Awareness of SOLAS is recommended
Relative conventions: SOLAS


Available in-house/distant learning? Yes


Created by: LiberoAssurance Continuous Professional Development Training Centre Level 1 – Accredited by Greek Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs Accreditation No. 2101338
Asbestos on-board - Certification & Inspections

Introduction to Asbestos

  • Definitions for Asbestos
  • Who is at risk?
  • How Asbestos Enters the Body
  • Asbestos Health Hazards
  • Objectives of ILO, IMO & EU
  • Key regulations summary
  • Inventory of Hazardous Material Dead Lines

Duties of persons involved

  • Duties of the competent authority
  • Duties of Ship Managers
  • Duties of Crew & on board workers
  • Duties of manufacturers and vendors
  • Duties of Port State Control in accordance with the SRR

Asbestos Exposure Limits Regulations

  • Asbestos Exposure Limits
  • Asbestos Exposure Limits within EU
  • Asbestos Exposure Limits and Health
  • Comparison Time Line between Regulation EU No 1257/2013 & HK Convention
  • Recognizing Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)

Asbestos Certification Procedures

  • Procedures for Asbestos Certification
  • Sample Flag Procedures for Asbestos Certification
  • How the Asbestos problem starts
  • Proposed Steps for Asbestos Certification
  • EU Survey & Certification
  • EU Accreditation & Certification

Asbestos on-board & sampling

  • Where is Asbestos On Board
  • Recognizing Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)
  • Sample Collection & Monitoring
  • Sampling Precautions & Procedures
  • Sample Submission Form
  • Sampling Strategy & Methodology

Asbestos and Inventory of Hazardous Materials

  • General
  • Inventory of hazardous materials & Asbestos
  • Certification
  • Asbestos Free Declaration
  • Prepare your Inventory HazMat (IHM)

Exam & Certification
  • Exam on Asbestos on-board - Certification & Inspections
  • “Asbestos on-board - Certification & Inspections” Certificate
Teaching Methods
  • Detailed seminar presentations (available for download)
  • No. of pages: 178


  • Reading lists and resources available in presentations


Study time allocation
  • Private study hours:21
  • Trainer contact hours: Availability and competence of instructors upon request
  • Enrollment duration: 90 days (from the date of purchase)


  • CPD Points:21
  • ECTS/ECVET Points:0.7


Assessment methods


% contribution to final mark

% Minimum passing grade

Exam on Asbestos on-board - Certification & Inspections





Upon successful completion of the course assessment, participants will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Success’.


   100% Online course
   CPD Accredited eCertificate – Global acceptance
   Downloadable course material
   E-learning Mobile App
   Enrolment: 3 months
   Flexible schedule
   Language: English


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