Concerning your inquiry about training course as you can see in the details of the seminar on our eshop this is an 100% online course.


Also we would like to inform you that all of our courses:

    • Are provided 24/7 online without a physical presence of the trainee at our premises nor to book for availability
    • are self-paced and include presentation is in the form of a PowerPoint embedded inside the platform,
    • include additional useful supporting material in pdf downloadable format and
    • offer the presentation in pdf downloadable format


Especially for the ISO related courses, in our Youtube channel we offer free training videos about ISO management systems and we update the content regularly. The videos can help you understand the basics on the structure of management systems, conducting audits, internal auditors etc.

Also below we present briefly some additional general details about our platform/Courses:


Course structure

  • the enrolment lasts 90 days.
  • ability to contact us for questions you may have during your participation

Course Duration

  • From the moment you purchase the course you will be enrolled for 90 days, so that you can study the material or take the exam whenever you are free, within that period.
  • The course duration under the “Learning and Teaching” tab, provides an indication of the average number of hours it will take to study the whole material.

Exam & Certification

  • The examination is online and the questions are multiple choice. For the exam you have 1 hour and three attempts.
  • Upon successful completion of the course assessment and course feedback, a “Certificate of Success” will be issued electronically by LiberoAssurance Continuous Professional Development Training Centre and you can download it.
  • During order you have the option of ordering a hard copy to be sent via TNT courier at your premises with an extra charge of 62€ for Libero Assurance Certificate (31€ for the certificate and 31€ for the shipment). In case of purchasing more than one courses, the delivery charge will remain 31€ regardless of the number of certificates.


Please have in mind that in case you are interested in purchasing several e-courses we offer the following standard discounts:

No. of course products








≥ 16




For viewing the full list of our credentials please click here

Should you wish to proceed simply follow the steps outlined in the attached tutorial on How to order courses”. Download tutorial here.

We remain at your disposal or you may visit the FAQ  tab in our webpage for any further queries.

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